Маниязова Малика
My name is Malika Maniyazova. I graduated from school No. 2 in the city of Kara-Balta, of which I have the fondest memories, especially grateful to my favorite teachers: Pecherskaya Tamara Nikitichna and Kazbekova Nazgul Kubanychbekovna.

Now I am a third year student at the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science on a budgetary basis. In April 2017, I purposefully passed the exams at the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy. The Academy is located directly in the village of Karavaevo, which is a 5-minute drive from Kostroma. In addition, the academy is located on a campus with 8 dormitories, a "Urozhai" sports complex, pharmacies, a household goods store, as well as several supermarkets and grocery stores. Everything you need is within walking distance. Buses and minibuses run regularly and it is not difficult to get to the city. In the city, you can visit the theater, exhibitions, museums, various cultural attractions and places, because Kostroma is a cultural historical city where people value traditions and local culture. The entertainment part of the city is represented by shopping centers with boutiques, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. In addition, Kostroma is located on the Volga River and a free evening walk near the coast cannot but bring joy. And the local people here are simple and sympathetic, people will always respond to requests.


Before entering the academy, I took quick courses at the Unity Foundation in such disciplines as biology and mathematics, where competent teachers set the required level corresponding to the upcoming exams. All my questions about the academy and admission were kindly answered by the Unity staff, for which I am very grateful. During our trip to Russia, we were accompanied by one of the employees. In the following year, the Foundation has always been interested in our deeds and successes.

Students from all over the world study at the KSAA. Here you can meet representatives from Moldova, Gagauzia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and, of course, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Students get along with each other, hold various events and concerts. For example, during the holiday dedicated to Friendship of Peoples, a concert is held, and at the end treats from many countries of Eurasia are given for everyone. All events and changes are always written on the official website of our university https://www.kgsxa.ru
My academy has six faculties and three buildings. There are many departments in each of the faculties, in which teachers, associate professors and professors who know their business work. The educational component in the academy is really very strong, because teachers want a sense from future specialists. Many students are motivated, study hard and master their profession during internships. For example, I had a six-month industrial practice in Germany. It was a very important stage in my life, which brought a lot of emotions, knowledge and, most importantly, experience. I've always studied English. But at the academy, I took part in German courses with a native speaker. During the courses and practice, I have made many true friends all over the world!

There are many opportunities in our academy, not only for study. Free time can be taken by going to circles and sections at the academy. Chess, folk dances, modern dances, choir, knife throwing and more. Sports sections are especially developed (volleyball, basketball, football, track and field athletics, arm wrestling, karate, kettlebell lifting). There is a fitness room and a jogging area on the campus. So university life is filled with interesting hobbies, meetings, and how to fill it is up to you.

I advise all interested children to enroll in our university, because it is here that they provide high-quality higher education in various profiles. If you are still in school, take part in olympiads, sports competitions, in creative events, since you will bring this baggage of knowledge and experience with you to the university, which will

later help you to participate in a busy university life. And it is better for graduates to prepare with tutors or on their own, improve their knowledge of the necessary subjects and carefully choose a university.
I wish future graduates further success in the entrance exams and in their studies, and schoolchildren, more likely to decide on their choice of profession!

Choose your faculty, applicant!

Капар уулу Женишбек
My name is Kapar uulu Jenishbek, I am 24 years old, at the moment I am studying at the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy at the Faculty of Electric Power. My homeland - Naryn region, At-Bashinsky district, grew up and studied in the city of Bishkek at school No. 53. After the ninth I entered the vocational lyceum No. 100.

I came to Kostroma in 2015 and started my studies at the academy. I really liked Kostroma. Kostroma is a city of Russia on the Volga River, located 344 km from Moscow. My first impressions of this city: it is very beautiful, cozy, quiet and peaceful here. The people here are very kind, the attitude towards foreigners is positive. If we talk about the academy, then the training system here is at the highest level. The teachers are understanding, you can find a common language with them. The university has a modular-rating system of education, which means that points for studies, science, creativity and sports are accumulated gradually and at the end of the semester there is no need to specifically pass tests and exams, be nervous and hope for luck or luck. All results depend on attendance, work and performance during the entire crediting period.

Our academy often hosts concerts and various events. We really enjoy the process of preparation, rehearsals and performances. Everyone says we show great numbers. I go on stage as a singer and as a KVN player, I try to please our audience. For a good performance we are awarded with certificates, diplomas and an increased scholarship.

In my free time from studies, I manage to earn money in a taxi. In general, I am satisfied with the choice of the university and my studies here. I wish you all the same.

Цветкова Ильяна
My name is Ilyana Tsvetkova. I was born in Kyrgyzstan in the city of Balykchy, Issyk-Kul region. I studied at school-gymnasium №1 named after Leo Tolstoy. I would like to immediately say huge words of gratitude to our director I.A. and the class teacher (teacher of the Russian language and literature) Arkhipova O.V., and express special gratitude to the first teacher Tsvetkova Nadezhda Kerimovna - my mother.

After graduating from school, in 2017, I passed the entrance examinations and became a student at the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy. Entrance exams were conducted without leaving Kyrgyzstan, using distance technologies. It is very convenient and saves a lot of money. In addition to me, four more of my classmates entered the academy.

Our academy is located in Russia in the village of Karavaevo, not far from the city of Kostroma - the administrative center of the Kostroma region. This is a magnificent ancient historical Russian city on the banks of the Volga, the city of the "Golden Ring of Russia". There are many attractions here: theaters, museums, historical monuments, scientific and educational centers. Inspired by visiting such places, many ideas and plans appear that are best carried out within the walls of our academy.

The academy is located in a compact, cozy educational campus, with modern infrastructure. There are 7 main educational and research buildings, 8 dormitories, a canteen, a chain of stores, and a modern sports complex.

Studying at the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy requires a lot of self-preparation, maximum effort. So many opportunities for study, creativity, sports opened up before me, which I had never even dreamed of. Of course, without highly qualified specialists - teachers, without a modern level of information presentation, without the individual responsive attitude of our scientific leaders, it would be impossible to study successfully. Thank you all very much!

Children from different parts of Russia, as well as from the world countries study in our academy. This promotes the formation of friendships, which makes the learning process much more interesting. We take part in various forums, competitions, sports events, construction teams, singing and dancing groups in a friendly and harmonious manner.

Now I am a third year student of the Faculty of Agribusiness with a degree in Ornamental Plant Growing and Phytodesign. In general, the scholarship is enough for living, but I'm interested in floristry, so I work part-time in a flower shop. By the way, speaking of floristry, we have a whole area of ​​training and a promising creative profession in the future.

One of the components of the educational process is the organization of students' practice. The Academy has a large material and technological base (veterinary clinic, dog training ground, research laboratories of departments and faculties, experimental field, training park of agricultural machines). Students of my faculty of agribusiness are provided with research laboratories, an experimental field. There we are engaged in the cultivation of various agricultural crops, we observe their development, we write reports.

At the beginning of the first year, the teachers introduced us to their scientific works. Having become interested in a certain topic, as well as the teacher, each student, at his own request, was assigned to a certain leader. So, from the first year, the topic of my thesis was: "The effect of the preparation of potassium humate on the growth, development and formation of the yield of winter garlic of the Petrovsky variety in the conditions of the experimental field of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy." Oddly enough, studying and doing science and practice at the academy is very exciting and not boring at all: using the most modern technologies, the learning process becomes creativity.

Study practice is an important, memorable moment in the life of every student. The Academy provided an opportunity to pass it in the "Vysokovsky" greenhouse complex, in a high-tech and dynamically

developing enterprise, a large supplier of vegetables for the whole region. There we created our own student construction brigade "Agroproryv". Every day was interesting in its own way, because the work was varied and the practice was well organized (transfer, meals, work and leisure). At the end of the practice, we organized a concert, thanked all the workers of the plant. For our work, each of us was paid a decent salary. I have never regretted that I had my internship there.
Now, being in my third year, I have to choose an enterprise where I will need to undergo an industrial practice. As a foreign citizen, I have the opportunity to undergo an internship both in the conditions of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy and in the conditions of an enterprise in my own country. In addition, an attractive point is the international educational program and foreign practice in Germany, which allows you to more deeply study a foreign language, get acquainted with the features and technologies of agricultural production in another country. I really want to do an internship in Western Europe, and for this, the academy has a number of joint educational programs with foreign partners.

I really hope that what I have said above will somehow help those guys who are still at the beginning of their big "adult" life path with a choice. I sincerely advise you to consider the possibility of continuing your education at my Kostroma State Agricultural Academy.
I wish all graduates to successfully pass the entrance examinations and come to our academy. You will definitely succeed!

Калмакова Кылым
Good day!)))

I'll tell you about myself: I, Kalmakova Kylym, was born and lived in the city of Karakol. She studied at the innovative school-gymnasium №1.
In the 11th grade, everyone has one problem: "where to go?", "Who is studying?" and "how many points will I get on ORT?" I didn't want to stay in our small town and probably wanted to learn more about independent living. But I never thought that I could easily leave to study abroad. For a girl who never went anywhere without her parents, it was certainly difficult to make such a decision.
Once they came to our school with a presentation about the agricultural academy in Russia, in the city of Kostroma. And then I thought, why not try it? Moreover, the academy teaches not only agricultural specialties, but also technical, economic and architectural and construction areas.
There was a selection, representatives of this academy came, and we passed the entrance exam remotely. After a while, the results came, and even before we had to pass ORT, I had already entered the KSAA at the Faculty of Electricity !!!

Parents were only glad of this and let them go with pleasure))).
All students from Kyrgyzstan were taken in an organized way by bus. Upon arrival, we were all greeted and assigned to hostels.

I really liked the modular-rating system of education. This is just a wonderful modern system of teaching and assessing students' knowledge! If you do everything on time and try, then there are no difficulties in your studies. There are no exam stresses, while the educational, sports, creative and scientific achievements of students are systematically evaluated. It is very pleasant that a good scholarship is allocated for academic success and participation in various events (there are students who receive even more for special achievements than teachers). I liked performing at university creative evenings, I learned to dance cool. I have always participated in sports competitions. So it is feasible and even very interesting for girls to study at the technical faculty. In my second year, I had a chance to go to practice in Germany for six months. On an individual training schedule, it is possible to combine studies (remotely) and receive additional professional training at farms in Germany. The academy has connections with partner universities and organizations abroad. Now I decided to expand my foreign experience and stayed in Germany for another six months, for this I took an academic leave. It is good that there is an opportunity to follow my own individual trajectory of education, for which I am very grateful to my teachers and the entire staff of the academy. I myself am surprised what a breakthrough in my personal and professional development I made during this time!
Greetings to everyone from Germany and the KSAA! Come here to study! I wish you all success!


Баякунов Бекзат
My name is Bayakunov Bekzat. I am a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic and at the same time I am a first year student of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy.

I am grateful to fate for the fact that this is how the circumstances developed, for the fact that I ended up in the Kostroma region, in this particular educational institution. My academy prepares specialists for the agricultural sector. Here you can get the professions most necessary for the country. Growing bread, building houses has always been an honor.

The academy has a special atmosphere. You can't feel like a stranger or unnecessary here. Attention is paid to everyone here, to each a special approach. Therefore, despite the fact that we are the first representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic in the academy, we quickly adapted, especially me.

Why did it happen?

The Kostroma State Agricultural Academy is multinational. In addition to Russians, representatives of Moldova, Tajikistan, etc. study here. And this international policy of the academy impressed me most of all. Despite the fact that representatives of many nationalities study here, the academy managed to maintain friendship and mutual understanding between them.

There are a lot of impressions from the academy. It has a wonderful teaching staff, excellent conditions for learning and recreation. Here you no longer feel like an inexperienced student, you are an adult personality and KSAA is the place where you learn from mistakes, exchange knowledge with teachers, with friends and get in return what you don’t know! And there are many chances to realize your ideas!

Джумалиев Канат
I, Dzhumaliev Kanat Asylbekovich, am a second year undergraduate student of the Engineering and Technological Faculty of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy.

I am a graduate of the Nizhnealarchinskaya school, after graduating from the Polytechnic University. I. Razzakova entered the magistracy of the KSAA thanks to the Unity Foundation, which is a partner of the Academy and with the assistance of which, entrance examinations were organized in Bishkek. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Fund for the work that it carries out in relation to partnership with Russian universities, since such a partnership has a beneficial effect on graduates of schools, colleges, technical schools, universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, opening up for them the opportunity to receive high-quality Russian education.

I would like to note that all students who entered the KSAA are provided with a comfortable hostel, a scholarship, the opportunity to receive education on a budgetary basis, the opportunity to engage in research activities, sports. The atmosphere at the Academy is friendly, in case of problems or misunderstandings, you can always contact the curators and the dean's office for help. Many students from different countries study at the Academy: Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine. We, students from Kyrgyzstan, have about 200 students at the Academy, we all know each other, support and help each other.

As a graduate student, I am engaged in scientific activities, in improving the technologies of agricultural equipment, participating in the development of completely new technologies for agriculture, and also actively participating in social and cultural events held within the walls of the Academy. In terms of prospects for the future, I can say that there is an opportunity for students to stay to continue their studies in the magistracy, postgraduate studies with the possibility of further employment.

Despite the obstacles of my parents, on the persuasion of my peers, I went to study at the Academy and I do not regret anything, because now prospects for me to continue scientific and educational activities not only in Russia but also abroad are opening up for me.

Уланбеков Шабдан
I am a simple guy who graduated from an ordinary rural school in the Kyrgyz Republic and who is now studying at a higher educational institution in the Russian Federation.

After leaving school, I came to our capital with the aim of entering the university. But when I arrived in Bishkek, I was offered to try to pass exams at a university in the Russian Federation. And to my happiness, I entered the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy.

I have never heard of either the city of Kostroma or the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy before. When I was informed that I entered this institution of higher education, I immediately went to the Internet to gather information for myself. I saw a city there, which is located on the banks of the famous Volga River and an academy, the diplomas of which many outstanding people are proud of. I really liked this city and the academy.

When we arrived in the village of Karavaevo, where the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy is located, we immediately noticed that the locals are welcoming and friendly, and it is very beautiful around. We were placed in a hostel, the condition of the rooms in which, I want to note, was excellent.

In the morning of the next day, in the assembly hall of the main building of the academy, a meeting was held with the rector of the KSAA. We were familiarized with the history of the academy, with the opportunities that are opening up for us. And only then I realized that I would study not just at the academy, but at the academy with a rich history and, as I noticed, with a very bright future.

Now, after two weeks of study, I can say with confidence that this academy employs highly qualified teachers and smart, ambitious students.

Исмат уулу Кубанычбек, Долженко Наталья, Кусайло Анастасия
We are first year students of the Faculty of Agribusiness.

Upon arrival at the academy, we were met by employees of the dean's office, who held an organizational meeting, where they explained our rights and obligations. A curator is assigned to each group, who helps us navigate within the walls of the academy and in the schedule of training sessions. We were placed in a specialized second dormitory, where we live together with senior students. The hostel has a gym, kitchen on each floor, common areas. The room is occupied by 3 people, each room is equipped with Internet access.

Dean's office staff and curators constantly take care of us. And although we are far away, we do not feel cut off from home.

The curriculum schedule includes not only general education subjects, which are common for students of all faculties of the Academy, but also special subjects such as botany, history of plant growing and agriculture, agrometeorology, geodesy, phytopathology, agricultural ecology, etc. We like to learn, we know that Having gained knowledge, we will be able to work in many branches of agriculture.

Успанова Александра, Бочкова Александра, Бейшенгазиев Жылдызбек

We are 1st year students of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, who came from Kyrgyzstan. We entered here not only for the sake of a diploma, but for the sake of high-quality higher education, with a further opportunity to realize our plans for the future.

When choosing an educational institution, we read a lot of information about the universities of the Russian Federation and came to the conclusion that it is in the Kostroma Agricultural Academy that a highly qualified teaching staff works, which can give us good knowledge in the field of construction. After all, construction is not only the most complex technological process, but also the hard work of designers, from the thoughts and ideas that determine what the structure will be: simple or complex, light or heavy, etc. The more beautiful the building, the more innovations are applied in it, and all these technologies will not be mastered without good specialists. What else attracted us to the academy? The fact that its graduates easily find a good, high-paying job not only within the Russian Federation, but also abroad, in reputable companies. Academy graduates are consulted as highly qualified specialists.

When choosing an educational institution, an important point for us was the fact that in the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy there is a real opportunity to study on a budgetary basis.